Thursday, August 19, 2010


We have had a very busy summer. I'm sure my faithful readers have wondered where I have been and what my wonderful children have been up to since I haven't posted very many blogs lately. I apologize and hope to be more regular at blogging as things hopefully slow down some as summer comes to an end. But with four kids, it probably won't slow down too much :)

One of the things we did this summer was go swimming. My kids love the pool, I love the sun! We have a friend who is wonderful and lets us swim in her in-ground pool as often as we want. She also has an underwater camera. Here is a picture of Piper under the water. I like how one strand of her hair is floating.
Rilian is now 18 months old and is starting to think he is a big kid like his brothers and sister. He wanted me to put some goggles on him because he saw his siblings wearing them. I had tried to get a picture of him wearing the goggles before this one, but he took them off when I got my phone to take the picture. I tried again, without any success. So when he wanted them on later, I told him I wasn't going to get up to get my phone because he would just take them off before I got back. When I put the goggles back on him, he just stood there in front of me. I sat there staring at him. So, he pointed to the goggles and didn't stop pointing at them on his face until I finally got up and came back to take his picture. That stink pot! But, hey, I got a cute picture out of it.
Piper and Finn know how to swim. In fact, they taught themselves! I am so proud of them! Well, they like to wear this life jacket sometimes in the pool, just for fun. Piper put it on like this and said it was her big diaper. She is very creative. You are probably wondering if she got in the pool like that...yes, she did. To my surprise, she did not flip upside down. She stayed upright. She also likes a challenge, she often doesn't take the easy route.
Since the beginning of the summer, Seven hasn't been too much of a fish when we go to the pool. He refused to wear the arm floaties and decided to stay on the steps for a little while. Then he was done and would go sit in a chair or walk around the pool until it was time to leave. One day, I was gathering up stuff so we could go to the pool and Seven saw me get Rilian's floaty. It is one Rilian can sit in and float around the pool. Seven wanted to take his floaty, the ring one that he can wear around his waist. Once Seven got to the big pool and got in wearing his floaty around his waist, he was soooo happy! He was a totally different kid in the pool! He "swam" all over the pool in his floaty. Everyone was amazed at the difference in him! I wished we had thought to take it at the beginning of the summer instead of the middle of the summer. (I hope Whitney doesn't get too mad at me for posting a picture of her in her swimsuit on my blog. Sorry, Whitney. At least when I took the picture, I thought of that and tried to keep you out of it.)
More pool fun...
And there's Finn in the pool
This was just a little snippet of our summer. Stay tuned for more!

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