Saturday, August 28, 2010

Camels in Abilene, TX?

What? There aren't any camels in Abilene, Texas...Abilene isn't exactly a desert, but it is hot enough to be a desert! This summer, Piper, Finn, and Seven went to VBS at Granny's church. The theme this year was, "Egypt, Joseph's journey from prison to palace." They had some live animals on different days of the week. One day, they had camels! I have seen a camel live and in person before and have even ridden one, but how often does someone get to experience this in their life time, unless they live in a desert over seas?

There were two camels. Here is one. He is just chillaxin' in the shade with some hay.
After we dropped off Piper, Finn, and Seven at VBS, I took Rilian to see the camel. I was surprised when he reached out to touch it. I thought he would have been scared of it. He is scared of animals that he hasn't had much experience with.
And a close-up with Rilian reaching to touch the camel.
And the other camel. This one is a little lighter in color and seemed more fuzzy. I was trying to coax Rilian into touching this one too, by telling him it was soft.
He finally got brave enough to touch it, too. I love how just his finger is out to touch it! Rilian got scared when the camel whipped its head down real quick and got "too close". After that, Rilian was done. 

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