Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fun With Glasses

I have been needing a new pair of sunglasses for quite awhile now. I had definitely gotten my money's worth out of my other ones. But they were scratched right in the middle of the lenses where I looked out. Very annoying! I finally decided it was time to get some new sunglasses before we took a mission trip to Nashville, Tennessee to do flood relief work. As I was trying on different sunglasses, Rilian decided he needed to try on glasses too.

These are the first ones he tried on. I don't think he quite knew what to think by the expression on his face.
Then he decided they weren't so bad.
We took them off and he wanted to try on another pair. Here is the "bug eye" look.
Rilian thought it was fun to keep trying on different pairs of sunglasses. We'll call this the "bad boy" look.
And we can't leave out the "fighter pilot" sunglasses.
I think Rilian would have tried on all of the different pairs of sunglasses if we let him. He  was NOT happy when we wouldn't let him try on anymore.

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  1. So cute! Benjamin likes to wear sunglasses too.