Thursday, September 16, 2010

Only at Granny's

Now that you've heard about the trip Jeremy and I took to Colorado, you may be wondering what our four precious children did while we were in Colorado. I did not mention them I must tell you.

They spent the week at Granny's house. Seven spent the week as Bob the Builder. He ate, slept, and played as Bob the Builder. He refused to take the costume off. 
Granny was able to get the costume off while Seven swam, all except the hat. He was so attached to that costume! Luckily, Granny was able to convince him that he could not wear it into church. Seven rode all the way in the car to church wearing the hat, but had to leave the hat in the van. Once Seven sets his mind to something, it is VERY hard to convince him otherwise.
Piper decided she was going to wear a boy's swimsuit to swim in. After all, her 3 brothers were wearing them, so why couldn't she? Do you like the hat she chose to accessorize with? That girl has some very interesting taste in fashion!
When she wasn't wearing "her" boy swimsuit, she decided she was going to have a basketball in her shirt.
Rilian fell and hit his head on the base of the table and on the couch. Poor kid! He had two bruises on his forehead. But my happy boy is still smiling.
Then there is Sunday morning...Seven DID NOT want his picture taken. So, he refused to smile.
And Finn made a big splash in the pool. Granny happen to catch him in mid-air.
And that is the fun they had at Granny's. 

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