Monday, April 16, 2012

Glow Day

One day, Seven's preschool class had a pajama day. I'm sure you know that this means the kids got to wear their pajamas to school that day. Seven was so excited about this day! During this particular week at school, his class was learning about day and night. The day that they wore their pajamas to school, their teacher had a room set up as a "glow room." The day before, they got to go in the "glow room" and see what glowed. There was a black light in the room and when I picked up Seven from school that day, he was excited to tell me what all of his clothes glowed from the black light.

When I met Seven at his class after school on pajama day, he had florescent yellow circle stickers on his ears, like earrings. I asked him about it and he said his teacher put them there. I didn't think too much about it because it was a special day at school that day. He also mentioned something about his teacher coloring on him and he was able to see it in the glow room. I also didn't think too much about that. Seven is quite the chatterbox after school, as he is any other time. 

Later on that evening, Seven said something about he could see his bones in the glow room. He also tends to say seemingly random things. We just happened to have a black light and we turned it on...and saw this!
Oh. My. Goodness! Jeremy and I laughed SO hard! We had no clue that he looked like this! You could only see it in the black light. Now it made sense what Seven told me after school about his teacher coloring on him!

This was the bone he had told me about after school. His teacher had colored his arm and hand to look like you could see his bones! 
On Seven's other hand, he was wearing a ring and a bracelet.  
I felt so glad that we had a black light and were able to experience this and get a good laugh! I also felt bad for the parents who didn't have a black light and weren't able to see how silly their children looked.

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