Saturday, April 14, 2012

It's the Plumber...

Jeremy's mom got the kids a new movie. It is The Electric Company. On this particular movie, there are several different short movies. My kids really like the one called, "It's the Plumber". Watch it here, it's only about a minute long. They have watched it over and over. They think it is really funny and have become quite good imitators of it. 

Rilian is so adorable when he says it...
Here is Finn's imitation...
Seven just cracks me up when he says it! That kid is destined to be an actor.
And Piper...
What makes it funny to me when they say it is that they don't realize the guy is saying "plumber". They hear "plumba", so that's what they say!

I love my kids! I can almost bet that you enjoyed watching them say it as much as I did!

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