Saturday, April 7, 2012

My Tiger Scout

Finn is now a Tiger Scout. He has completed the things he needed to complete in order to become a Tiger Scout. We attended his Blue and Gold Ceremony and watched him get his awards and badges. This was Finn's first ceremony since joining Cub Scouts. 

Jeremy got to paint his face. The blue paw print on his forehead is the spirit of the bobcat to remind him to do his best, which is the Cub Scout motto. He has yellow under his eyes. Yellow is the color of the sun. It is to remind Finn to see the light on the Cub Scout trail and symbolizes the bright spirit of Cub Scouts. White is the color of purity. The white mark on his nose is to help him know right from wrong as he goes along the Cub Scout trail. Red is the color of courage. The red mark on his chin is to help Finn to always remember to speak the truth. Green stands for the spirit of nature. The green mark on each cheek is to help Finn to remember to live in harmony with the great outdoors.
Once Jeremy was done marking on Finn's face, the troop leader handed Finn the white color and let him make a white mark on Jeremy's nose. White also stands for love and guidance. The white mark on Jeremy's nose is because he will be with Finn every step of the way. It is to help Jeremy remember to help Finn to do the right thing. 
Finn's pack and the Tiger Scouts in his pack... 
And a picture of the Tiger Scouts with their dads...

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