Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring Break

Yes, I know...Spring Break was about a month and a half ago for us, but I am just now finding the time to post about it. For those of you who care about what we did during Spring Break a month and a half ago, you will enjoy this. I must warn you, though, it is kind of lengthy...after all, it was a whole week!

As a mother of four kids in four years, I rarely go places with my four children by myself. It is getting a little easier to do so now that they are older, 7 years old, 6 years, old, 5 years old, and 3 years old. But those days where I get brave enough to do so, are pretty rare still. Spring Break came upon us and I realized if I didn't get brave enough to venture out with all four of my lively children, it would be a LOOOOOONG week! So, we went to the zoo one day...

This ladybug statue is another statue at the zoo that my kids like to climb on and have me take their picture. (I've posted before about the caterpillar statue.) I can't explain what was going on in my kid's heads during this photo shoot, but there are some pretty funny poses!
I'm gonna have to learn to stand where my kids aren't looking toward the sun when I try to take their pictures...

 My goofy girl!
And another GREAT shot! Ha! I love my kids! 
Another day during Spring Break, my kids got to play in a field of wild flowers! Um...yeah...that's our backyard... But who cares, right? The kids had a blast playing in the pretty flowers (weeds). They were so tall, the kids played hide and seek in them! 
I like surprising my kids and not telling them what we are going to do. So, one day, I built up the anticipation and did not tell them what we were going to do until we were all ready to go...
That wasn't quite the reaction I expected from them. I thought they would be really excited about it. The day before, they had been trying to guess what it was that we were going to do. I would give them broad hints, but nothing that would let them guess what it was. They asked what it started with and ended with. I told them it started with a "g" and ended with a "t". "Going on a bear hunT." No way they would guess! I wondered if they didn't know whether to believe me or perhaps they weren't quite sure what I meant by "going on a bear hunt." But they had read the book, so I thought they knew what I was talking about.

We went to a nearby state park to "go on a bear hunt." We found a trail to hike.
 On the bear hunt, we found deer tracks.
Piper, Finn, Seven, and Rilian wanted their picture taken with this "scary" tree that we found along our bear hunt. 
 We also found this "x" along our bear hunt. Being the prepared mom that I am, I unzipped my backpack and pulled the shovel out that I packed. We dug and dug, but did not find any treasure.
The trail that we were hiking had numbers every so often. Seven didn't want to stand beside the one with the number 7 on it for a picture. He insisted on standing beside the one with the number 8.  
We did not find any bears along our bear hunt. We found a good place to eat lunch, then played on the playground for awhile...

 My little monkeys sure like to climb!

There was a stone tower next to the playground. No one but Rilian would let me take their picture near it. By the look on his face, you can tell he wasn't too happy about it. Unless he was striking the "model" pose, you know the one where the model looks off into the distance and not at the camera...yeah, that's what he was doing. 
Back at the playground, Seven was being buried in the sand. 
The day after the bear hunt, I was just planning on staying home. We had such a big day on our bear hunt, but around 10:00am, Piper asked if we could go somewhere. So we drove to a park nearby. If you know Finn, this is funny...
He would fall alot when he was around 2 - 3 years old. When he fell, we would tell him he was ok. He would get back up and start walking again. He got to where he started saying, "I'm ok", when he fell. I guess old habits really do stick!

Seven LOVED this bridge! He kept going back and forth. 
Spring Break was going pretty good. Then come about Thursday...the kids were playing outside and Rilian came inside crying that Piper threw a brick at his head. It took me a little while to understand what he was saying. He was really crying! Then I told him to show me where his head hurt. This is what he showed me!
 I tried calming him while I asked Piper what happened. She was in the tree house and had pieces of a cinder block and was dropping them down. She SAID she didn't know he was down below her. I then had to make a rule of no more bricks or stones in the tree house. I tried the best I could to doctor up Rilian's wound. Luckily Jeremy came home for lunch and was able to help me doctor it up. Jeremy ended up shaving a small patch of his hair so we could get a butterfly bandage to stick.

The next day, Rilian got a haircut. Jeremy tried saving a little bit of hair on his head, but wasn't able to. Finn said he looked like an alien. Rilian didn't like Finn calling him an alien.
 So he put on a hat and said he wasn't an alien anymore.
And that, my friends, was our Spring Break!

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