Saturday, May 5, 2012


 Finn has Cub Scouts once a week. One week while he was at Cub Scouts with Jeremy, I took the remaining three kids of ours on a walk. We walked down the street to a nearby school and played on the playground. There were a couple of older kids there with a younger sibling. They were burying their younger sibling in the wood chips. Of course, Seven thought this looked like fun. He asked the older boy if he would bury him. The boy asked my permission, which I thought was very respectful. I made sure he and his sister agreed to bathe my kids afterwards and let them bury away!

Seven with a look of happy satisfaction...
 Rilian looks a little concerned with the little boy beside him. The little boy was about Rilian's age and he had just unburied himself. 
And my pretty girl, Piper...
For those of you who take everything I say, or write, seriously...I did not actually have the older kids bathe my kids. I did joke to them about it, but would not have a stranger bathe my kids no matter what their age.

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