Monday, May 14, 2012


As a mother of four energetic kids, I stay pretty busy. So, I am just now finding time to post about our Easter. I know there are a few of you who have been having alot of restless nights, waiting and waiting for this post. I am sorry. Now you can sleep soundly again and not jump out of bed and rush to your computer before you eat your breakfast, because my Easter post has finally been made public!

My brother and his family came into town to celebrate Easter with us. All the cousins enjoyed spending time together. Saturday morning we dyed Easter eggs. 

Kaden was just a little bit too young to join in on the dying fun, so he and my brother sat up in the tree house and watched. 

 Piper finished dying her eggs.
 My neice, Allie, finished dying her eggs.
Seven was done dying his eggs and frankly did not want to pose with his eggs. I at least got him to stand with them, but he would not look at me. 
 Rilian showing off his dyed eggs.
My niece, Mabrie, and Finn were taking their sweet time making their eggs pretty. Everyone else was done, but them. I think it is neat how much they look alike. They could pass as brother and sister, instead of cousins. 
 Finn wanted me to take a picture of the egg that he made two different colors.
 Mabrie finally finished her eggs.
 And last, but not least, Finn finished dying his eggs.
I had gotten glitter for the girls to put on their Easter eggs and animal face stickers for the boys to put on their Easter eggs. You couldn't see the glitter in the pictures, but they were pretty. Rilian was the only boy who wanted to use the animal face stickers to decorate his eggs, but he didn't really want me to take his picture with them. 
With six cousins and LOTS of cups of dye, there was quite a mess afterwards. Allie decided she would clean it up for us. She went to work and wiped up the table and all six chairs. Thanks, Allie!
 Easter morning...I had found this outfit for Seven about nine months before Easter. I bought it and was so excited for him to wear it, I almost couldn't wait! I knew how studly he would look! Check him out...
It was overcast Easter morning, but JUST IN CASE (I don't know what), I took a picture of my beautiful children BEFORE we left for church. You never know what could happen before you pick them up from class and get another chance to take a picture of them.
 The boys wanted me to take their picture beside one of the trees in our front yard. I love how Rilian looks like he is saying "cheese" in the picture.
Every year when the bluebonnets come out, I always say that I want to get my children's pictures taken in them. I did it when Piper was almost a year old. Well, she will be 8 years old soon, and I FINALLY found a good bluebonnet field that wasn't by a busy road. We were on our way to my mom's house after church for Easter lunch and I saw alot of cars pulled over to the side of the road. I wondered why there were so many. Then I saw it...a HUGE field of bluebonnets! People were stopping to take their pictures. So, after 7 years of saying I wanted to do it, I FINALLY did!
The kids mostly saw it as a huge field to run in, that was filled with tons of flowers that they weren't supposed to pick.
It was hard to get good "still" pictures of them because they just wanted to run.
But we did manage to capture a few still shots...

Rilian with his "cheese" face. Looks like he found some flowers that he could pick :)

And more running...they had "contained" their energy long enough...
All the cousins. I didn't realize Finn wasn't wearing shoes until I posted this picture. And Seven looks so pitiful because he did NOT want his picture taken anymore! He had had enough! I think it's cute how Rilian has his arm around Seven's. Little Kaden has his tongue out :) They each have their own personalities.
My brother and his beautiful family!
Kaden with his Easter basket and the eggs he found. 
Mabrie and Piper hunting for Easter eggs. Piper cracked me up. She didn't think her Easter basket was big enough, so she had a Walmart sack too (just in case she needed more room for her eggs).
Finn finding an Easter egg in the tree. That silly Easter Bunny!
Rilian also found one in a tree.
All the cousins with their full Easter Baskets.

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