Thursday, May 3, 2012

"Toys" at Papa Rick's House

A few weeks ago, I had to run an errand out of town for Jeremy. The place where I was going was only 45 minutes from my dad's new house. After I took care of "business", I drove to my dad's house. He had just moved in and said he didn't really have any toys for my kids to play with. Well, any parent knows, kids don't really need toys! They can find anything to play with! Rilian and Seven had "decorated" this clean room with boxes from the closet! There was absolutely nothing on the floor, until they "decorated"!
Then Seven and Rilian decided the living room needed a little bit of "decorating".
Rilian had a little bit of difficulty while "decorating". I think he was just being silly and not serious.
And the aftermath...
Seven and Rilian did a good job cleaning it all up and not leaving any of their "interior design" ideas behind. Papa Rick has his own ideas of decorating and I'm sure he will keep Seven and Rilian's ideas in mind if he needs some more ideas.

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