Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Jeremy was in our alley one morning and found a Texas Blind Snake. Thanks to Wikipedia, I got an education on Texas Blind Snakes. However, it says they eat termites and ant larvae. I do not want those little creatures in my house. Especially since I am allergic to ants. So, I bought Cutie, (that's what Seven decided to name him) some mealworms and crickets to eat. Here is a video of Cutie's introduction to Seven and Rilian. Piper and Finn were at school.
We didn't have a cage for Cutie, so we went to Petsmart and got everything we needed for Cutie to live happily ever after as Seven's pet. Seven picked out the rock for him to hide in and the water and food bowl.
You can enjoy watching this video of me asking Seven questions about Cutie...Seven is so proud of Cutie!
This is funny because Seven was so serious, while he LIED about the snake! He WAS NOT with Jeremy when Jeremy found it. I didn't think he was. I had to ask Seven after I was done recording and he smiled real big and told me he wasn't. We honestly don't know if Cutie is a boy or a girl, so I let Seven decide. After all, it is his snake :)

Here is another picture of Seven showing off Cutie. Cutie actually looks bigger than he is in the picture.
 After we had Cutie for a couple of weeks, I just happened to look in his cage one day and see that he shed his skin. Piper took it for show and tell at school that week.
We still have Cutie. He is still alive. Jeremy says they don't live very long. However, we have had him for about a month and a half now. Unfortunately, he is not a good snake to hold because their defense mechanism is to pee...you can connect the dots there...
Another bad thing is that Cutie is nocturnal. That means he usually comes out of his hiding place in his cage after the kids have gone to bed. So, they don't get to see him very much. And that my friends, is the new addition to our family.

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