Monday, October 29, 2012

Mine By Design

We have a place in town called Mine by Design.You go and pick a piece of pottery to paint. When you're done painting it, you leave it to be fired. Then about a week later you can go and pick it up. 

Our church let the 1st through 6th graders paint a Christmas ornament to be auctioned off as a fundraiser for Missions. This meant Piper and Finn got to paint an ornament. I thought it would be fun for Seven and Rilian to also paint something, so they got to pick out something to paint. Seven picked a T-Rex. He painted it brown.
Such concentration! 
Rilian picked out a bird to paint. The color is red, but it looks pink while he is painting it on.
Gotta make sure all the sides get painted....
Finn picked a round ornament to paint for the fundraiser. 
He chose to paint it blue, green, brown and orange.
Piper picked a cross to paint for the fundraiser. 
She chose to paint it pink, orange, brown and turquoise. 
Seven and Rilian were finished painting their pieces of pottery before Finn and Piper were. So, they came to play in the play area.
Seven is so silly sometimes...
Rilian also had fun in the cool chairs.
Piper, Finn, and Seven were at school when Rilian and I went to pick up his red bird and Seven's brown T-Rex. The ornaments that Piper and Finn painted went to the church for the fundraiser I mentioned at the beginning.

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