Thursday, October 11, 2012

West Texas Fair

I was almost caught up on my posting, but then life happened again, and I have fallen behind again...

My kids always look forward to the fair. In fact, Seven will probably start asking again soon, "When will it be time for the fair?" Last month, the West Texas Fair came to town. So, we had no choice, but to go. We got there early enough to ride rides and not have to wait in long lines. The first one Rilian wanted to ride was the Merry-Go-Round.
Seven also chose to ride the Merry-Go-Round. Rilian ended up switching animals before the ride started. Seven wanted Rilian to ride beside him.
 Piper also chose to ride the Merry-Go-Round. She decided to ride on a giraffe.
 Next up on the rides was these cars. Seven wanted to ride with Rilian again.
Piper also chose to ride these cars. Unfortunately, for Finn, he was too tall to ride them.
I see this picture and my mind flashes forward about 10 or so years and thinks this could be trouble!
The first ride that Finn found that he wanted to ride, that he wasn't too tall to ride, was the BIG slide! He's all the way at the top getting ready to come down.
 Here he comes!

 Then he chose to ride the Tornado. He didn't even mind that he was riding by himself.
 Smiling and waving as he goes by.

 Finn, Seven, and Rilian rode in the green dragon together.
It was really hard to capture a picture of them because they were making the dragon spin. And this was probably about the time when I noticed Seven wasn't seated anymore...
We ran into some friends and Piper got to go ride some rides with Lindsey. That made her night!
 After eating yummy fattening fair food, we went to the petting zoo. 
 Rilian wasn't too sure about the donkey at first.
 But with some reassurance from Jeremy, he became brave and fed the hungry donkey.
 Seven enjoyed feeding the donkeys.
Then we come to the scary emu...Jeremy had to show the kids that the scary looking emu would not hurt them. It just wanted some food like all the other animals there.
 Then the kids were brave enough to feed it.
 Even Rilian was brave enough.

 Piper found a pig to feed.
 Finn and Seven joined her after they were done feeding and laughing at the emu.

What's a petting zoo without goats?

And a llama...
After the kids ran out of the animal food, Piper found a rat that she wanted to pet.

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