Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Piper's Arm

My mom has a trampoline. Everyone has heard how "dangerous" trampolines are. My mom's has a net around it. Seems pretty safe, right? Well, my kids were jumping on the trampoline, having a good time, and Seven jumped on Piper's arm. I don't think he meant to hurt her. But her elbow ended up swelling up and looked kind of purple. Piper is 8 years old and Seven is 5 years old. Seems like it wouldn't be too bad considering the age difference. Well, Seven is just about the same size as Piper. She is a petite 8 year old. 

It was Sunday and I didn't think I should wait until the next morning when her pediatrician's office would be open. So, we made a trip to the emergency room. It was around 8:45pm when we got to the ER. Piper had x-rays done. Then we waited to hear the results. The doctor came in and told us he didn't see a break or a dislocation. He tried moving Piper's arm straight and it hurt so bad she cried. She was unable to put it straight. The nurse wrapped her arm in cotton.
Then put a splint on it and wrapped it with a bandage to keep it in that position. Piper was given a sling to wear. 
The doctor gave Piper a note to excuse her from P.E. class. She was supposed to wear the splint and sling and follow up with her pediatrician on Wednesday, which was a few days later. 

It was about 11:30pm when we finally were released from the ER. She was so tired, but still able to smile.  
We went to see her pediatrician on Wednesday. She unwrapped Piper's arm and worked with it, moving it in different directions. Piper winced in pain when she tried to put it straight. Piper got more x-rays taken. A break did not show up. Her pediatrician said for Piper to not wear the sling and splint anymore and if it still hurt on Friday to call back and she would be referred to the bone and joint doctor in town. 

Friday came and Piper was still complaining about her arm hurting. And since her pediatrician told us not to use the splint and sling, she had been using her right arm to hold up her left arm, which was the hurt one. 

Friday morning, we went to the Bone and Joint doctor. He took more x-rays. There could possibly be a hairline fracture showing up now. The result of the x-rays did not show any breaks. He put her in another splint and sling and told her to wear it for two weeks and come back and see him. He said it was just sprained. She was also to refrain from running or physical activity similar to that. We were also supposed to take it off to work with it and move it around a couple of times a day. 

During the first week, Piper chose to sleep without her splint on a couple of times. I figured it would give her arm a break from the splint and a chance to breathe. That Friday (which was the end of week 1 of 2) when Piper got home from school, she decided to take her splint off. She was able to do everything with her arm that she could do before it got sprained! I figured if it was better, why make her wear it? We had our "2 week" check-up with the Bone and Joint doctor yesterday. He took more x-rays and confirmed her arm is all better! 

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