Tuesday, October 2, 2012


We recently had a garage sale, so the kids spent the night with Granny Joyce the night before. The day of our garage sale, Seven and Rilian were invited to a friend's birthday party. Granny Joyce didn't mind taking them because she knew the friend's mom. Well, before the birthday party that day, Piper decided to color some flowers on Rilian's hands. She also put lipstick on his lips and a stripe of lipstick down the center of his face. Granny tried as best she could to scrub it off. But she couldn't get all of it off. Granny brought him over on the way to the birthday party to see if I could get it off any better. I didn't have much luck either. I told her it would be ok. The other people at the party will be moms too and they will totally understand. You gotta love having older siblings who think it's funny to use their younger siblings as an art canvass. 
Jeremy had this bucket in the living room for some reason. Apparently, Rilian thought it looked like a good place to sit. But he fell right down inside it. He wasn't able to get out on his own, unless I tipped it over. But he had fun and kept getting back in and I had to keep tipping it over for him to get out.
When you have four kids, there is alot of stuff to keep up with and you try to teach your kids to keep up with their own stuff because you can't always do it. My kids each have more than one pair of flip flops. One day it was time to leave and Seven couldn't find matching flip flops and I ran out of time to help him look for the matches. So, he just wore one of each. Anyone can tell that they did not go together as a pair. One was all red and the other was gray and white striped. But Seven was a good sport about it and wore them anyway. I told him he was a cool kid. Well, he is! Rilian thought it was funny and wore mix matched flip flops that day, too. Almost every day since then, Rilian has chosen to wear mix matched flip flops. I show him the matching ones and he choses to wear the unmatching ones. EVERYWHERE (including church) we go, he wears his "new favorite pair" of flip flops. Sometimes people comment, sometimes they don't comment. I can always tell by how someone comments whether they have kids or not.
I mean, really, what harm is it causing for him to choose to wear flip flops that don't match? He is just expressing his individuality. 

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