Tuesday, September 18, 2012

First Day of School

The Thursday before school started, the kids got to meet their teacher. Seven is in Kindergarten. He looked so proud to get his picture taken with Ms. Brewer.
Piper is in third grade this year. Her teacher is Mrs. Ballard.
Finn's face injury from earlier that day looked worse when it was time to meet his teacher, Mrs. Nuttall. 
A few days later, the big day arrived...The First Day of School!!! Seven's lunch box is Darth Vader's face, but you may not be able to tell by the picture.
Piper loves this shirt! So, she decided to wear it on the first day of school.
Finn's not a morning person. Can't say that I blame him, I'm not either. So, this was the best I got before he went to school that day. 

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