Monday, September 3, 2012

Baby Bunnies

My mom and step-dad live outside of the city limits. My mom has LOTS of flowers. If you are not aware, bunnies LOVE to eat flowers. My mom loves her flowers, so she does not like the bunnies eating them. My step-dad was mowing the yard one day and mowed right over two baby bunnies in their nest. They were so deep into the grass that the lawn mower blades did not touch them! They thought my kids would like to see them, so they put them in a cage and brought them for a visit. They were so tiny! Those are Rilian and Seven's fingers touching the baby bunnies in the cage.
They really wanted to hold them, so we took them out and let them. The one Rilian is holding peed on him. I think it scared Rilian and he didn't really want to hold it anymore after that. Can't say that I blame him. 
The bunnies seemed so comfortable being held. 
I guess this was before the bunny peed on him.
 So cute and tiny!
My kids wanted to keep the baby bunnies, but I decided it was best for them to live somewhere else. They were released at a park, away from my mom's flowers, to live happily ever after.

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