Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Splash Pad

The whole town has been awaiting the much anticipated Splash Pad opening this summer. I didn't want to go at first because I figured it would be too crowded to enjoy. But I got up the courage one cloudy day and took my four kiddos. It wasn't too bad. I don't know if it is always like that or if it was just because it was cloudy.

Rilian really loved jumping in the water!
 Piper and Finn (hidden behind the yellow pole) were having fun, too.
Seven is off in the distance by the orange pole, wearing an orange shirt. Rilian was still splashing around. 
Seven trying to duck under the water.
It might look like there wasn't alot of water right here, but watch... 
The kids were waiting for it to POUR! 
 And as it slowly dwindled, they followed it. Except Rilian. He really doesn't like getting water in his eyes.
Then the water turns off again. It was really fun to watch this sequence over and over again and hear the kids scream in excitement! Rilian was still coming toward me to get his eyes dried. 
 This was much more Rilian's speed. He splashed and slapped this water for a long time.

 Rilian found another smaller fountain to splash in. Seven is in the background in his orange shirt chatting it up with a girl.
More splashing and slapping of the fountain. Rilian LOVED it! 
Then he found one nearby to stand in. Piper came over by him and found a smaller one to slap, too. 
Have I mentioned how much Rilian loved to splash the water that was shooting up?
My kids had fun at the Splash Pad, even though they complained that it was cold. Perhaps, we'll find a sunny day to go and they will enjoy it even more!

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