Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bad Day

A few weeks ago, we had a cold front and a couple of the mornings were quite pleasant. I took this opportunity to enjoy the cooler weather with the kids and spend some time outside. Piper, Finn, and Seven rode their bikes, while Rilian and I walked Tymbre, our Siberian Husky. Well, Rilian ran and hopped half the time. He doesn't really walk. He loves to hop! We were less than a block from the house when Finn got off his bike and face planted on the street! He got up and was screaming crying. His face was covered with dirt, leaves, and blood. We went home as quick as we could. I was so glad that Jeremy happened to be home to help. When there is a larger quantity of blood on my children, I prefer to let someone else handle it. Jeremy got Finn's face cleaned up and this is the result. Poor Finn! AND that night just happened to be "Meet the Teacher". What a face to meet your teacher with! I should have taken a picture of his face before we cleaned it up, with all the dirt and blood, but I didn't think of it.
Finn was pretty traumatized by his accident, so I went to Redbox to get a couple of movies for him to just relax and watch. I had forgotten that once we got home from his fall, we had just left the bikes in the driveway, instead of putting them away in the garage. I wasn't too concerned about the bikes. I just wanted to make sure Finn was ok and had planned on putting the bikes away after Finn was taken care of. Well, I was backing our Tahoe out of the garage and heard a different sound. I stopped the Tahoe and kinda looked around, but didn't really see anything. Then I backed up again and heard the sound again. I put it in park and got out. I thought maybe I had scrapped the side of it on the garage while I was backing out. It's kind of a tight fit. Then I saw what had happened!
I had totally forgotten about leaving the bikes in the driveway and had backed over one of Piper's training wheels! Ugh! At least it was JUST a training wheel and not the whole bike! Oh, well...she needs to learn to ride without them anyway.

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