Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Baby Chicks!

I still haven't caught up to the present with my blog, so this post takes place in the past...When Grapevine Farms got baby chicks, I knew my kids would be excited to see them. I picked the kids up from school that day and started driving toward the farm. This isn't the way we go home, so one of them asked where we were going? I said it was a surprise!

They were beyond excited to see the baby chicks! 

 Seven looks like he is concentrating so hard on the chick.
Finn was so gentle, I think he was afraid he was going to hurt the chick. But then again, he is really gentle with our Siberian Husky and cat.
Baby chicks...There were 26 new ones that day!
After the kids were done holding the chicks, they wanted to see if there were any eggs to collect. Anytime they get to collect eggs, they are so excited to do so!
I stood on the ground and took a picture of the kids and Jeremy on the second floor of the barn.
Then Piper and I switched places. She took the picture from the ground as I was on the second floor of the barn. She did a good job, huh?
The kids love the farm so much! I think they would live out there if they could!

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