Saturday, November 16, 2013

Field Trip to Fire Station

When Rilian's preschool class was learning about community helpers, they took a field trip to the fire station that was close to their school. We got to tour the fire station and learn about what it is like to be a fire fighter and live in the fire station. We saw where they sleep, where they eat, and where they work out. After touring the inside, we went out to the "garage" where the fire trucks are kept. One of the fire fighters was telling us about the different trucks.
Then he asked for a parent volunteer. It seemed like forever before one dad spoke up. I was just about to volunteer since no one else was, but this dad saved me! We learned that when the bell rings for the fire fighters to leave to go fight a fire, they have 45 seconds to put on their uniform. This dad got to see what it was like to do that!
There happened to be a rookie on shift the day we went for the field trip. The other fire fighters said they like to give him a hard time, all in fun and games, of course. They let him show us how he can put on his uniform in 45 seconds...or not...he sure tried, but it took him a little over a minute to actually put it all the way on. I videoed it, but to save you some possible boredom, I won't put it on my blog.
The kids got the chance to get in a fire truck. The fire fighter is helping Rilian climb out.
 Standing beside the fire truck...
 Rilian's class with their teachers in front of one of the fire trucks...
 Silly faces!
And me and Rilian in front of a fire truck...

Since I only have one more picture for Rilian's community helpers week, I will go ahead and tag it onto this blog post...
Note: No animals were harmed before or after this picture was taken...Tymbre in the background looks a little concerned, but Rilian is actually a human doctor, not a veterinarian. He does kind of look creepy, but he is smiling behind his mask.

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