Monday, November 4, 2013

West Texas Fair

What happens after the West Texas Fair and Rodeo Parade? We go to the fair, of course! This watermelon was one of the exhibits we saw...131 lbs...that's HUGE!
The kids rode some of the rides...Seven and Rilian rode the boats together...
In line for the bumper cars...
Finn was jammin' while he waited on the bumper cars to start!
(Sorry, I guess I was standing with the sun behind me) Rilian was too short to ride the bumper cars by himself, so Jeremy rode with him.
Seven trying to get his bumper car to go...only to find out this one didn't work, so he got in a car with Finn because all the other cars were already taken.
 Piper in her bumper car. (Sun in a bad spot again.)
The kids rode more rides, but I didn't take pictures at all of them. We also went to the rodeo for a little while before going to the petting zoo. At the petting zoo, you can also feed the animals...

 I caught the horse's tongue out!

 I thought it was funny to see all the goats standing like this "begging" to be fed! 
After the petting zoo, we took our four tired and worn out kids home and put them to bed!

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