Thursday, June 9, 2011


Yes, I am well aware that it is June and Easter happened in April. I am just now getting to blog about it. I'm a little busy, as you can tell.

My brother and his family came into town for Easter. It is always a joy to have them visit! What is Easter without dying eggs? 
You probably can't tell, but Seven is watching as Papa Bud moves the orange dye over to his eggs so he can dye them orange...remember, orange is his FAVORITE color! 
There is Seven's orange egg.
Rilian made a green egg. Rilian was a pro at dying eggs! I thought he would need help, but he took charge and did it all by himself! He was so good at it. It was cute to watch him. He took an egg out of the carton, put it in the dye, and took it out when it was "ready." Then he repeated it all over again. I wish you could have seen him!
Allie and Uncle Punk made a good team dying her eggs. 
Piper dying an egg purple. 
Mabrie dying her eggs. 
And Finn with his eggs. I guess he thought it was easier to use his fingers to put the egg in the dye. I would almost agree.
My beautiful children, dressed in their beautiful Easter outfits...I always like to take a picture before we leave for church. You never know what can happen to their appearance once we get in the car. 
We went to Nanny's for lunch, but our church got out before their church did. While we were waiting for everyone else to get there, we thought we'd let the kids play in the backyard. Well, we kind of got locked in the backyard. My mom's doors are weird and when you open them to go out to the backyard, they remain locked unless you physically unlock them. I forgot...and closed the door...and did not have my keys with me...they were in the house. My mom also locks her gates, so we couldn't just go out the gate and be free. What did my kids do while we were locked in the backyard waiting someone to come home and rescue us? The scaled the fence with their mad climbing skills. I guess they got bored with the swing set and found other things to do.
Watch them in action...
After being locked in the backyard for at least 20 minutes, Jeremy got a bright idea. I did not lock the front door when we came in the house. Jeremy hoisted Finn over the fence so he could run around to the front of the house and come in the front door and open the back door so we could get out. As soon as Finn came through the back door to rescue us, my mom and step-dad came home...good timing...

I like to get a family picture at Easter.
It's also nice to get a picture of all the cousins together! From left to right we have: Seven, Allie, Piper, Finn, Rilian, and Mabrie. Next year, there will be one more added to the picture. No, I am not pregnant. Trust me, 4 is plenty for me! My sister-in-law is due at the end of July! The sonogram says it is a boy. Yea! They are finally getting a son!!! 
I'll let you pick your own caption for this picture. 
Sweet girls! Piper was being silly. She had some honeysuckle hanging out of the side of her mouth.
And the boys...looks like Rilian was copying Seven with his sleeve.
Everybody loves Pixie! Pixie is my brother's family's Chiuaua. She isn't the typical Chiuaua. She is VERY sweet and calm. She just goes with the flow. She even lets Allie push her around in a baby doll stroller. It's really funny to watch! 
Jeremy thought Pixie needed to dress up for Easter, too. She is wearing Seven's tie.
Let the Easter Egg Hunt begin!

Seven was so funny. When he was dying his eggs, some of them had cracks in them. He refused to dye the ones that had cracks in them, no matter how much I tried to convince him. During the Easter Egg Hunt, he refused to pick up the ones that weren't dyed. He found a green one here.
Finn had a funny expression on his face when I took his picture...he was in a "mood" that day.
Rilian and his Easter Egg basket, with the eggs in it that he found.
Piper and her Easter Egg basket full of eggs! I love her dress. I went shopping for it when she was in school, and when I saw it, I knew it was THE dress! I just knew she would love it. It screamed, "Piper." If you can't tell from the picture, it has silver glitter all over it! And yes, she does LOVE it!
Like I said, Finn was in a "mood" on Easter. He is saying, "All these are mine!" (If you couldn't tell.) I love Seven's body language after Finn runs away!
The kids got enough candy to last until next Easter!

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