Tuesday, June 28, 2011

May Farm Playdate

For those of you who were at the May Farm Playdate, you can see how far behind I am in my blogging... For those of you who weren't there, well, I am behind. Better late than never, though, right?

My kids always love going to May Farm. It is a farm that is about 15 to 20 minutes away. May, is the owner of the farm, and she has lots of farm animals for the kids to pet and feed. And what is a trip to May Farm without one of her wild and crazy "hay" rides?

Seven has no fear. He fed any animal that he could.
Rilian on the other hand, was "cautious" around the animals and wasn't too sure about feeding some of them. But he did find this little lamb that he felt comfortable enough around to feed. This lamb was named Easter, because it was born on Easter. 
You can see how "cautious" Rilian is about feeding the animals...he didn't want to get too close. But he did want to feed the donkey.
May has a section where you can sit and hold an animal. Seven held a guinea pig. It was hot that day, though, and the guinea pig was feeling the heat and didn't really enjoy being held.
I was proud of Rilian for holding the guinea pig too, seeing how he wasn't too sure about the bigger animals. You can really see the guinea pig trying to get away now. It was hot.
Rilian stayed brave for a little while longer and wanted to hold a rabbit. The rabbit was hot also and wasn't too interested in being held either. Rilian did a good job at trying to keep ahold of it so it couldn't get away.
Like most farms, May Farm has cats. This cat decided it was gonna lay on the table and join us for lunch.
After lunch, it was horse riding time. Seven rode first.

After seeing Seven ride the horse, Rilian decided he wanted to ride, too. But he wanted Seven to ride with him. Seven was sweet and held on to Rilian so he wouldn't fall off.

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