Monday, June 20, 2011

What Will Granny Think of Next?

I used to have a job at a local company that allowed me to work at home. I worked 20 hours a week. Jeremy's mom works half a days on Fridays and would pick up Seven and Rilian when she got off work. Then when Piper and Finn got out of school, she would pick them up and take them to her house. She did this so I could finish the rest of my hours for the week. I no longer have this job, but Jeremy's mom graciously continues to keep the kids for me on Friday afternoons. I am very grateful for this! I told her she didn't have to keep doing this, but she said, "When Jeremy was younger, I just wished someone would take him for 30 minutes so I could have a break. So, I am happy to do it for you." 

One Friday afternoon, I went to Granny's house for something and she said I had to see something. This is what she showed me...
Seven and Rilian were sleeping in boxes! I thought it was funny. But as I watched their still bodies laying there, it was also kind of creepy. It looked like they were in coffins. 

Now when the kids spend the night at Granny's or take a nap at Granny's, they each have a box to sleep in. This is usually the order for their boxes.
A little closer view of Piper and Finn...
And Rilian with his kitty...
It's funny because if the kids are at Joyce's and they get tired, they start to ask for their boxes.

I love Joyce's creativity. You never know what she will come up with next! And I mean that in a good way. 

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