Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Piper's New Doo

Piper had been asking to get her haircut for several months. She wanted it cut short like her cousin, Mabrie. Mabrie's hair is cute on her. It is above her shoulders. I REALLY did not want to have Piper's hair cut this short. She was three years old before she really had a good head of hair. And it was so pretty and long. 
I am not exactly sure why Piper decided to make this face when I took the picture of her beautiful long hair. I guess it is because she is my daughter. When I was younger, my mom liked to take pictures of me. I didn't want to get my picture taken that often, so I made faces in the pictures. Apparently what they say is true, you reap what you sow.
In the past, Piper has taken matters into her own hands. Translation = she cut her own hair without permission. I didn't want to keep putting off getting her hair cut in fear that she might take matters into her own hands again! I figured I had put off getting her hair cut long enough. I told Piper that on her birthday we would go to Cool Cuts and get her hair cut. She was so excited!

At Cool Cuts, the child who is getting their hair cut can pick a movie to watch while they get their hair cut. Piper picked Tangled. How fitting. 
Say good-bye to Piper's long hair! 

Piper's locks on the floor... We thought about donating it to Locks of Love, but her hair wasn't quite long enough.
After the cut is the styling... 
And now I present my 7 year old with her big girl hair cut!

Like I said earlier, I REALLY did not want to cut her hair this short. But I came to the conclusion that it is her hair. AND it will grow back. Piper is growing up and we may not always agree on things. Hair length is miniscule in the grand scheme of things. It is time to let my baby girl grow up and start making some of her own decisions. I can't keep her a baby forever...And she does look really cute with her new doo!

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