Friday, June 24, 2011

Piper's 7th Birthday Partay!

On May 18, Piper turned 7 years old! My baby girl is 7 years old!!! Time sure does fly! Piper will be starting 2nd grade in the fall. 

Piper decided she wanted a dog themed birthday party. Jeremy got to use his mad cake making skills. He let her pick three dogs that he would make on cupcakes.
She chose a Chiuaua. 
An Old English Sheepdog. 
And a Collie. When it came time to pick which cupcake the kids wanted, Finn said he wanted the one with a beard...this one. 
Jeremy got even more creative and made dog treats. Well, they aren't exactly dog treats. They are peanut butter cookies shaped like dog treats. 
Piper wanted to have a slip-n-slide party. We thought it would be fun to get the one with three lanes.
It even came with small inflatable looking kick boards, so they could race. 
There was a small "pool" at the end. It was really more like an area where water collected.  
Lots of splashing happened... 
It was a big hit. They had a blast! 
Time to sing to the birthday girl... 

Apparently, Gustavo was very excited that it was Piper's birthday. She tells me they are going to date in high school. It is funny to hear their "plan".

Since the kids were all wet from playing on the slip-n-slide, we put a blanket out and they had a picnic with their dog cupcakes.
Time to open presents... 
Rilian was very interested in this present of Piper's. She got some of the Littlest Pet Shop stuff. She plays with it alot and Rilian joins right in. It is funny, he calls it "Shopping Shop," instead of Littlest Pet Shop. 
After Piper opened all her presents, we turned the slip-n-slide back on. It was making quite a mess in our backyard and Rilian was enjoying the mess!
I love discovering a picture where I have caught my child in a jump, mid-air.   
It was interesting to watch Rilian. Notice how he doesn't walk ON the grass, he stays in the puddles. He's a funny kid!
Happy Birthday Piper! I am so thankful that God trusted me to take care of you 7 years ago! You came into this world 4 weeks early. You have never been behind. You have always been ahead of the game.

It has been a wild and crazy ride, so far...I don't imagine it will be any less wild and crazy as you continue to grow up. You are unique. You are very creative! I like how you like to do things your own way. If there is a table or chair or what have you, in the way of your destination, you don't go around. You choose to go over, or under. You like a challenge. I am excited to continue to watch you grow up. Right now, you say you want to be a police you can have a German Shepherd. We shall see if you change your mind. Whatever you chose to do, you will be great at it! I love you Piper!

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  1. Wow, Your blog does the most amazing job of inspiring others to create families. Your adventures with your children and their great personalities show the true essence of how wonderful children are. Please Keep Posting! =D