Thursday, October 20, 2011

West Texas Fair

Last month the West Texas Fair and Rodeo came to town, starting with this parade. The fair offers different discounts on different days. We decided to go on Tuesday, which was $2 ride night. This means that every ride only cost $2 to ride. Normally, they can cost up to $5 each to ride. With four children, we decided this would be the best night for us to go. Our kids love to ride the rides. By going on a cheaper ride night, they would have the opportunity to ride several rides. Plus, the kids had fair tickets from school and a friend of mine gave Jeremy and I tickets to get in. Score!

Jeremy saw this ride and thought it looked fun. I think it was called Hurricane. Jeremy, Piper, and Finn are in "car" 1. The "car" goes around in a circle while the arms that hold the "car" go up and down. 
After Piper and Finn got off the Hurricane, Jeremy and I knew they were not ready for Six Flags yet. They both were terrified! I wish I had taken a picture of Piper when she got off, her face was blank and pretty pale. I think she might have gotten a little bit of motion sickness.

Next up was a "Fun House". Seven really liked this one last year and was really excited to do it again this year.
This is towards the end of the "Fun House". They end by coming down a slide. Much more fun and enjoyable than the Hurricane, if you ask Piper and Finn.
Rilian is still pretty short on the height charts. We finally found a ride he could ride! Watch Finn. He was cracking me up! He looks like a rag doll being thrown, with his arms all floppy.
Not only do my kids enjoy the rides at the fair, but they also love going to the petting zoo and feeding the animals. Well, we are still working on Rilian. He may not love them as much as his older siblings do. There were several donkeys that apparently were VERY hungry! You can tell that they really wanted the food!
In the donkey pen was also a cute baby donkey. 
Jeremy even got in on the feeding action. 
Rilian wasn't too sure about some of the animals. He was more than happy to hand Jeremy some of his food to feed the animals with.
Piper and Finn feeding a llama.
Seven was amazed by this huge tortoise.
The emu was definitely one of the animals Rilian did NOT want to feed. Look at the expression on his face. I can understand though, emus are kinda creepy looking.
These little goats were really cute. They looked like baby goats, but they were full grown. I don't remember what they were called, though.
I guess Finn and Piper thought this donkey didn't need food, so they pet it instead.
Rilian kept saying, "I don't like that one."  Apparently, the goats are not a favorite either.
Rilian tries again, to feed an animal. I thought he had gotten brave when I saw him trying to feed the white horse. I just couldn't figure out why the horse couldn't get the food. There as a sign in the way! Poor horse was trying SO hard to get the food. 
Do you like how Rilian backs away when the hungry donkey realizes there is a little boy with food? 

On Thursday, it was Cantastic night at the fair. This means that you can take 6 empty Coke cans to get into the fair. Sounds pretty easy, huh? Jeremy and I decided to go on Thursday and have a date. We got in for free, thanks to Jeremy's love of Coke! It was pretty easy to come up with 12 Coke cans. We enjoyed eating dinner at the fair and looking at exhibits. 

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