Wednesday, April 2, 2014

13 Years, not 13 months

I walk Tymbre regularly and it never fails that people ask me if she is a white German Shepherd. I proudly tell them, "No. She is a Siberian Husky." Many times after I correct them, they notice her blue eyes and realize they were wrong. But there are definite differences in the two breeds. 

Tymbre turned 13 years old on February 11th. (The weeks have started to fly by again and I am falling behind again on posting.) On a recent walk, two ladies were standing on the corner chit chatting as I was walking Tymbre. One of the ladies made the comment about her being a white German Shepherd. I corrected her and she said that her friend had a white German Shepherd that was 8 years old and she had to put down about a month ago. I said that Tymbre is 13. She replied, "13 months?" I said, "No, 13 years." She was very surprised. But if I didn't know any better, I would never think Tymbre is that old. She is in pretty good health for a 13 year old dog. Plus, we walk 2 miles almost every day. The other lady that was standing there said she had a friend that had a dog that lived to be 17 years old. I wish I could remember what kind of dog she said it was. is possible that Tymbre could be here for quite some time yet! I took a picture of Tymbre on her 13th birthday.
This is Tymbre when we first got her. She was 9 weeks old and ADORABLE!
Another 9 week old picture. I think she was just bathed here. So cute!
Who knows, maybe Tymbre will set a record for being the longest living Siberian Husky.

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