Thursday, April 17, 2014

Showing the Way

At night, chickens go in their coops and are protected from predators. Usually as it gets dark, they go in on their own. Well, when we moved our chicken's coop, they didn't exactly understand that their home was in a different place. So one evening, we waited for them to fall asleep and we carried them to their coop. 

As it started to get dark, they started roosting on some branches and we were able to pick them up from the branches.
These chickens ended up staying the night in the tree because they were too high for us to reach even with a ladder!
The guineas are VERY loud! Check them out up in a different tree...Finn is yelling at them to "be quiet"!
Here's Finn carrying a chicken...
And Seven, you can barely see got dark, but I still managed to get a picture.
We had about 40 chickens that we needed to show where their home had moved to. After carrying 10 or so, we got smart and loaded up some cages onto a trailer and let the tractor do the "leg" work. Then we had to take them all out of the cages and shove them through the door on their coop. Finn's job was to block them from coming back out...
Some tried pretty hard to come back out their door, but Finn did a great job at not letting them!
This video never gets old! I laugh at Finn every time!
Stopping the chicken from coming back out...
I tried to get a picture of the chickens settled in for the night, but it didn't turn out so well.

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