Friday, April 18, 2014

World Thinking Day

Piper's Girl Scout Troop recently participated in World Thinking Day. World Thinking Day is when the Girl Scouts get to learn about other countries and their traditions. Each troop picks a country to learn about and then share what they have learned about it. This year, Piper's troop picked India. Here they are around the display they made about India.
Piper's Girl Scout Troop did their version of India's color festival, called Holi. They were originally going to use silly string, but there was carpet, so they decided to use streamers instead.  
The girls were responsible for doing research on India on their own. Then they put together all their research. Also, one of the girl's moms knew someone from India and she came to tell Piper's Girl Scout Troop about India, before World Thinking Day. I don't remember her name, but she said that her grandma used to ride an elephant to school. Someone would come by on an elephant and pick up kids for school. It was like their school bus. The elephant could carry ten children. Another thing she said was that there are peacocks everywhere and they are loud and annoying. She said they will make noise outside your bedroom window and wake you up in the morning. She said the peacocks in India have a much wider tail feather span than the ones here in the zoos. She said they are very pretty and the span is probably about four feet. I really enjoyed listening to her speak about India!

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