Friday, April 4, 2014

Rilian's Valentine's Day Party

Remember, in my blog world, we are still in February...

At Rilian's class Valentine's Day party, they had a red piece of paper and were tearing it up into small pieces and gluing it on a heart on a piece of paper that said "I love you to Pieces."

I think Rilian takes after me and likes to make goofy faces when someone is trying to take his picture.
There's his sweet smile!
Here is a closer look at Rilian's Valentine's Day project.

And the completed project!
After Rilian was done gluing red pieces of paper to the heart, he got to do another fun Valentine's Day project...
He had a paper heart and dripped purple, pink, and red paint on it.
Once he was done dribbling paint on the paper heart, his teacher helped him put the lid on the tin heart and he shook it, with his paint dribbled paper heart inside...
Voila! Look how cool his painted heart turned out!
When I came back later that afternoon when school was out, Rilian walked out of his classroom with his socks like this...
I asked him why his pants were tucked into his socks. He said his pants were cold. Funny boy!

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