Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Boy and His Dad

Finn is a "Daddy's boy". There is no doubt about it. I know he loves me, but he LOVES his dad! I captured this moment one day. So sweet!
I remember a few years ago when Finn was in preschool, Jeremy usually picked up him from school. One day Jeremy couldn't, so I did. I saw Finn as I pulled up into the school parking lot. As soon as he saw that it was me, and not Jeremy, his body sank. He was upset that I was there to pick him up and not Jeremy. He even said something to me about it. I replied by asking him, "do you want me to leave you here?" After a little bit of back and forth talk between us, he decided it would be best to come with me, since Daddy wasn't able to come get him that day. Oh, Finn...

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