Sunday, March 30, 2014

Pinewood Derby

Seven joined Cub Scouts this year, so this was his first year to participate in the Pinewood Derby. He was very excited! Here he is working on his car...

This is Finn's 3rd Pinewood Derby. You can check out his 1st Pinewood Derby here and his 2nd Pinewood Derby here. He was hammering in his axle to his car here. 

Seven painted his car to look like a cheetah. Check out his car winning. It is the one on the far right, yellow with black spots.
Seven's name was spelled wrong on the screen. I'm not sure how that mistake was made since it was just his troop and everyone knows who he is and what his name is. They corrected it later, but for this race and the previous race, he was "Seren." His car is on the far right again.
"Seren" wins again...His car is in the second lane from the right.
After all the Cub Scouts are done with their races, family members and siblings can race. Jeremy made a car and entered it. Piper was at Girl Scouts that day, but Jeremy also entered her car into the race. Jeremy's car is the gold one in the second lane from the right. Piper's car is to the left of Jeremy's car. She made her car to look like a tiger. It was a really close race between Jeremy and Piper, but Jeremy beat her...just barely!
Another close race...Jeremy's car is in the far right lane and Piper's is in the lane right beside him. This time, she beat Jeremy AND everyone else in this particular race!
Piper, Finn, Seven, and Jeremy raced each other. From left to right, the cars are Jeremy, Seven, Finn, and Piper. The results of this particular race were 1st = Jeremy,  2nd = Seven, 3rd = Piper, and   4th = Finn. 
Finn wasn't happy that he didn't get a ribbon so he really didn't want me to take his picture, but I needed a picture of him with his car. So, this is what I got.
Seven got 1st place for his level, which is a Tiger. He also got 1st place overall, which means out of all the levels, he beat them all! You can see what his cheetah car looks like. 
Jeremy and his car with his 1st place ribbon. He got 1st place in the family and siblings category. Way to go Jeremy!
Piper got 2nd place in the family and siblings category. Pretty good for not even being there, huh? When I picked her up from Girl Scouts, she was proud to see her ribbon.

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