Saturday, March 8, 2014

Rilian's Christmas Party

At Rilian's Christmas party, they made gingerbread houses. Rilian used such concentration to decorate his!
He put one skittle on each side of his roof.
Then put icing on the side to stick candy there.
 He wanted me to take a picture of the door he made on his house.
Picking out more candy for his gingerbread house.
A view from the top...Rilian put candy in the "yard" for bushes and trees.

The finished product!
The other side of his finished gingerbread house...with a snowman in the yard.
 Rilian's teachers gave all the students in their class a present...

His teachers call their class the "Marvelous Monkeys". So each student got a giant monkey coloring and activity book!

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