Friday, March 14, 2014

Planting Onions

Onions are the first vegetable we planted on the farm. Jeremy showed the kids how to put their finger in the ground to make a hole for the onion to be planted in.

Looks like Piper made a hole with her finger then had to reach for an onion.
Patting the dirt down around the onion...
Piper and Finn were down at the end of this row. If you're not a farmer or are wondering what the black tape looking thing is in the middle of the rows, it is called a drip line. It is how we are going to water the vegetables on these rows. It is a black tubing that has holes in it and water drips out.
I think Rilian blinked right when this picture was taken. But even someone as young as Rilian can help plant vegetables!

He did need a little help making the holes for the onions. Granny helped him.
It looks like Seven is holding a worm, but it is actually an onion. You can see better what the drip line looks like in this picture.
Making a hole to plant the onion...

Seven looks proud of his work. Good job, Seven!

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