Saturday, March 8, 2014


At the beginning of December, we had our first snow fall of the winter (if I remember correctly, this is how far behind I am on my posts).

Our front sidewalk and street covered in snow. Well, it was sleet and ice with a tiny bit of snow on top.
There wasn't a lot in the yard, it was mostly on the sidewalks and streets.
 Tymbre, our Siberian Husky, was out back just sniffing around...
Then she laid down on the snow/sleet/ice combination and waited until I opened the door for her to come back inside.
A little later in the day, we went over to Granny's house. Finn and Seven had fun playing with sticks and a ball out back.
Then Piper joined in on the fun...
Finn and Piper played "baseball" and Seven rolled around on the ground...
Jeremy's dad likes to feed the birds. There were a lot of birds eating the seed on that cold day. But when I went over to the window to take their picture, they all flew away. This one brave bird came back and decided it was worth it to eat the seed with me standing on the other side of the window. 

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