Saturday, March 8, 2014

Tymbre Fights Back

When we first got Mingus (the cat), Tymbre (our Siberian Husky) was really excited to see him. A little too excited for tiny Mingus' comfort. I can't say that I blame Mingus, though, Tymbre was a giant to him! We had to tell Tymbre to be gentle and leave Mingus alone. Once Mingus was comfortable with Tymbre and knew she wouldn't hurt him, Mingus tried to play with Tymbre. Mingus swats at Tymbre trying to play, but Tymbre just ignores him. This is a daily occurrence. I don't know if Tymbre thinks she is going to get in trouble for messing with Mingus since we told her at the arrival of Mingus to leave him alone, or if it is because Tymbre is 13 years old and doesn't want to play, especially with a cat...

One day, Tymbre had had enough of Mingus trying to play with her that she actually fought back! I was proud of Tymbre! Check it out!
Mingus still tries to play with Tymbre and Tymbre continues to ignore him. It is really funny. We have tile in the hallway and Mingus will crouch down around the corner when he hears Tymbre coming down the hall. Once Tymbre gets close enough, Mingus will pounce on her. Tymbre totally ignores Mingus and just keeps on walking!

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