Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Poems for Granny

The other day, we were over at Granny's house. Piper has developed a love for printing things off the computer. We've had to tell her to ask before she prints. Otherwise, she will end up using up all the paper in the printer. 

Piper decided to get poetic and write a poem for Granny.
Very creative, if you ask me. There isn't any rhyming, but who says a poem has to rhyme. She is still learning the difference between writing "know" and "now". But she sure does know her math! She might need to work on spelling some ;) She sounded out the word subtraction. At least she spelled it the same way both times. Hey, give her a break...she's only in First Grade. 

And of course, Finn had to give it a shot...
He is still learning to spell, too. He's only in Kindergarten. But he sounded out the word "dead" and wrote it. Yes, he wrote, "The 9 is dead." I don't know why. He is a boy! And it is his poem. I guess it can be left up for interpretation. 

So, maybe in your opinion, my little poets aren't good enough for an Open Mic Night, but give them some time...who knows what they will come up with next?

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