Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pool Fun

Since the very first sign of warm weather, my kids have been begging Granny and Dadabe to put up their swimming pool! We live in Texas and if you are familiar with Texas, it gets hot pretty early in the year. I think the first warm day we had was in March, shortly after that, Dadabe gave into the kids pleads and put the pool up. Of course, the water was cold, but that didn't stop them from getting in! Despite the chattering teeth, purple lips, and shivering bodies, they still tried to stay in the water. Now with it being April and the temperatures continuing to climb higher and higher, the kids are able to stay in the pool longer. 

One of their favorite things to do is make a whirlpool! Then they pick up their feet and let the current that they created carry them.

Piper really makes me laugh! Do you see her? Yes, she is in the pool, on a floatie, with her clothes on!
We had gone inside to eat dinner and Piper was finished. I watched her walk out the door and climb onto the floatie. Fully dressed. She was certain she wasn't going to get wet. I'm sure she was right, after all, she is the amazing Piper! 

Seven had his birthday a couple of weeks ago. My big boy is now 4! I will make a whole separate post for that, but since one of his presents involves a pool, I put it here. He told Granny he wanted a stingray for the pool. Granny and I wondered where in the world are we gonna find a stingray floatie? Granny saved the day and found one AND it even has a squirt gun on it!
Seven, Piper, and Finn all were so excited to try it out! It may be hard to see the squirting action, but it can squirt really far! Check out Seven in action...
Being the loving brother that Seven is, he shared with Finn.
And Piper.
Warmer days are sure to come. Maybe I will have another pool post. If not, just know that my kids are like fish and will be living in a swimming pool this summer!

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