Thursday, April 7, 2011

Talk About Accessorizing!

Something was discovered in our backyard this afternoon. I bet none of you have ever seen one of these! It is a bird who can accessorize! 

Every Thursday, Finn has to get allergy shots...poor kid! My mom is great about being able to watch my three other angels while I take Finn on our weekly date to get his allergy shot. I tried taking all four once...well, let's just say I don't EVER want to do that again! 

When Finn and I came home, my mom told me there was something in my backyard that she thought I was unaware of. I was wondering if I should be worried. Piper took me and showed me. Do you see it, up in the tree? There is a dove on a nest.
The nest looks pretty small for the dove, but maybe it isn't done building it. Or maybe this kind of dove just makes a small nest. I don't know if the dove is a mom or a dad. I would think it is the mom, but since I don't know, I will talk about "it" instead of he or she. I had to stare at it for awhile to make sure it was real. It just didn't look real. It was "frozen". And then it finally blinked, so I knew it was real and no one was trying to spy on me with some sort of camera that looked like a dove. Did you notice anything else in the picture? Look again. Look above the dove. There is one of Piper's purple Dora the Explorer gardening gloves. Haha! I cracked up when I saw this! I laughed so hard. Maybe it isn't funny to anyone else that there is a Dora the Explorer glove in the tree. I asked each of my four kids if they put it up there. After making sure it was none of them, (they would have had to throw pretty high) I laughed again! This dove carried the glove up there! Is it funny to you now? I can't not laugh when I think about it! The glove used to lay on the ground below where the nest is now build. My kids are pretty good about taking things out into the backyard and not bringing them back inside. Well, I guess that Dora the Explorer glove has a new home. I wondered why the dove left the glove there and not in its nest. My mom said maybe the dove thought the glove would make a soft nest. Perhaps, the dove was wrong. Or perhaps, it was accessorizing!

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