Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rilian Loves...

What is Rilian into these days? What are his two loves? Well, he still loves baby dolls. And he has discovered Little Bear. If you have kids, you need to introduce them to Little Bear. I like Little Bear. He is a young bear that has quite the imagination and likes to go on adventures. It is a very calm show and has pretty music that is also calming. Little Bear is like a tranquilizer for kids. It is amazing how my children will sit there and watch it...very calmly. Each of my four children have their own personal DVD players, thanks to Granny Joyce one Christmas. This not only comes in handy on road trips, but when you have four children, they don't always agree on what movie they want to watch. Sometimes they will watch a movie on their DVD player in the house. Rilian has become quite fond of his DVD player. He almost prefers to watch a movie on his DVD player rather than the big tv. 

I started noticing how much Rilian likes to watch Little Bear...and how much he likes to watch it on his DVD player. I decided I could make a blog post on the different positions that he watches Little Bear in. Here is one...notice the smile on his face? He was watching Little Bear :D
That same day, after dinner...and a different position.
This one must have been taken close to bedtime, that same day. He looks pretty tired. Don't worry, the kid has plenty of clothes. He gets lots of hand-me-downs, with two older brothers. This IS the same day, that's why he is wearing the same outfit.
I'm not sure how many days later this picture was, but I thought it was funny that he had two DVD players, with two different movies playing. I guess he couldn't decide what movie to watch that time, so he decided he could watch both. With more than one DVD player in the house, why not? 

We always check on the kids before we go to bed. Rilian has lots of baby dolls! He has collected them from around the house and from Granny's house. He has claimed them all as his! Beware if you bring a baby doll to our may have a hard time leaving with it! You can read more about his love of baby dolls here.

I had to get the camera when I found Rilian had carefully placed these two baby dolls beside him before drifting off to sleep. This is not how I left him when I tucked him into bed that night.
Another night, I had to get the camera again! I really laughed at him and his baby dolls that night! Once again, I did not leave him like that when I tucked him in. 
One morning when I went to wake up Rilian, he was awake and just laying in his bed. He climbed out of bed and this is what he left behind...
Three of his baby dolls covered up. It is so cute how he treats them. He is so sweet to them. They are not the prettiest baby dolls and some have seen better days, but he still loves them.

Sometimes Rilian's baby dolls and stuffed animals that he sleeps with are left in the chair in his room when he gets tucked in bed. It is funny to see how they end up in his bed when I check on him later. These are the moments that are great to capture on camera! For one, it is cute how much he loves his baby dolls. Does this mean he will be a good dad? That thought has run through my mind, but I doubt his love for baby dolls will have anything to do with that. The other reason it is great to capture these moments on camera is you never know when these pictures will come in "handy" in his future! Are there any other parents out there who are like me and enjoy taking certain pictures of there children knowing that it may "embarrass" your child when they are older?


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