Friday, July 22, 2011

While The Big Kids Are Away, The Little One Will Play

Anyone who has kids knows that summer time means Vacation Bible School or VBS! Most parents look forward to this "free babysitting." Rilian, our youngest, is 2 years old. This means we don't get to take advantage of the "free babysitting" with him. This means we get to spend some Mommy, Daddy, and Rilian time together! Rilian gets to be an only child...he gets to enjoy being "spoiled."

Piper, Finn, and Seven attended two different VBS this summer. The first one was at Granny's church. One night after Jeremy and I took Piper, Finn, and Seven to VBS, we (and Rilian) went to eat at TaMolly's. Rilian was so good! I guess he didn't have the influence of his siblings. Not to say that they are all evil, but he can be a little toot on his own. However, this particular night, he was demon-free. 

Jeremy ordered fajitas. Jeremy was making the tortilla warmer "talk" to Rilian and he thought it was so funny! He couldn't stop laughing! He tried to cover his mouth, in hopes of stopping the laughter.
This week, Piper, Finn, and Seven attended VBS at Finn's kindergarten teacher's church. The building where alot of their children's ministry happens is pretty cool. It is decorated with an ocean theme. Anytime we go there, the kids like to look at the fish in the salt water fish tank. 
I tried to get Rilian to look at me, but he was too excited with the music that was playing for VBS. He was starting to dance!
One of the nights that Piper, Finn, and Seven attended this VBS, we met up with a good friend that we hadn't seen in awhile and she suggested we go to Nikki's Swirl Shoppe. If you have never been to one, I suggest finding the nearest one to you and going to it. It is yummy! Here's how it get a bowl. Then you decide what flavor and how much frozen yogurt you want. You can choose as many or as few flavors as you want to put in the bowl. You can also sample any of the flavors to see if that is the flavor for you. Then you decide what add-ins you want. Take it up and put in on the scale and get out your wallet to pay. Voila! It's that simple.

I'm not sure what they put in their frozen yogurt, because it had some sort of effect on Rilian...
In case you are worried now, the frozen yogurt didn't stop him from being able to walk. He was just being silly and pretending.

How many of you take advantage of the "free babysitting" otherwise known as Vacation Bible School?

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