Sunday, July 10, 2011


I have three sons. They all have the same dad. How can they be so different? Take for instance their hair color. They all got a hair cut on the same day. Take a look at their hair...
From top to bottom, it is Seven's hair, Rilian's hair, and Finn's hair. Amazing, huh?

They all started out with dark hair. This is Finn at 12 days old...dark hair.
And at a year, his hair is still dark. It doesn't look as dark on the sides, because it is cut shorter than the top.
Finn's hair hasn't really changed color. It is still dark. Another interesting thing about Finn, is that if you look back at his pictures, his face has stayed the same. All through the ages. We definitely will be able to tell his pictures growing up!
Seven was born with dark hair. You can see what it looked like at 8 days old, while napping on Daddy's chest.
When his baby hair fell out and his new hair started to grow in, it grew in alot lighter. This is what is looked like when he was one year old. 
It got even lighter. By two years old, he as a definite blonde. 
Now his hair has gotten darker. Not quite as dark as when he was born. I would label it as a dirty blonde. It also has some curls, if we let it grow a little. It mostly looks like "bed head". It is kind of funny, but he can pull it off with his personality. 
Rilian was born with dark red hair. 
At a year old, it was lighter.  
And was starting to get some lighter colored curls in the back.
A few months before Rilian turned two years old, he had alot of curls! They were huge curls! 
And his hair was really blonde! 
He is still a cotton top today, but has much shorter hair. You can read about the drastic hair cut here, if you want to. 
I don't know what will become of Rilian's bleach blonde hair as he grows older.

I find it very interesting that three children, from the same mom and the same dad, have such different hair. They all have their own personalities, as well. But that would be a whole other blog post!

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