Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Marathon, Texas

Texas is a huge state with tons of tiny towns scattered throughout. A few weeks ago, we went to Marathon, Texas. Why on earth did we go there? Jeremy's grandma died in June and she wanted to be buried in Marathon, where she was raised. Her sister was also buried there. Grandmother wanted to be buried next to her sister. So, for her birthday in July, the family took her ashes to Marathon and buried her.

My kids were like movie stars. Everyone wanted to take their pictures. Well, they are pretty darn cute, aren't they?
My boys like to play in the dirt. Marathon is pretty much all dirt. They also like to throw stones. What boy doesn't? Seven and Rilian found some rocks to throw. Not stones, but ROCKS! Well, Seven's head just happened to be in the pathway of the rock that Rilian had just thrown and BAM! 
I was watching them and saw it happen. Seven started screaming and then I saw blood running down his face. There was ALOT of blood, so I quickly passed him on to Jeremy for Jeremy to doctor him up. When there is more than a little blood, I would rather Jeremy take care of them. Seven was fine. No concussions or anything. Just blood. A little while later in the day, it must have came back open because I noticed the sweat on Seven's face had a red tint to it. I wiped it up and that was that.

We had lots of wonderful food there to eat. That's usually what people do at funerals, right? Rilian was enjoying this cupcake and telling me he was eating it like certain animals. And he even ate it like Harold and the Purple Crayon.
Piper found this window at the place we were staying and wanted her picture taken by it. She said it was like the window in Rapunzel's tower, from the movie Tangled.
The kids had fun with their cousin, Benjamin, as they always do. They LOVE him! I think it's funny how Finn is looking at Piper in this picture.
Marathon is so small, that I guess they don't care if you dig your own hole in the family plot in the cemetery and bury your own relative. So, that is exactly what happened. Uncle Matt and Uncle Danny went earlier in the day and dug the hole for Grandmother. Then in the evening, when it was cooler, the family went to put Grandmother to rest beside her sister. Piper, Finn, Seven, and Rilian all got a turn at putting dirt on her. At one point, Finn had to get his flip flop out of the hole...it fell off and fell down into the hole. 
This is what you will see if you go to visit Grandmother now. She was a loving, Christian, patient, and wonderful lady that loved desserts and scrabble. I didn't get to know her as well as some of the other family members, but I loved hearing their memories of her.
Grandmother had five children. From left to right: Matt Enright, Joyce Voss, Bonnie Roggendorff, and Danny Enright. Glen Enright wasn't able to make it to the funeral.
My family had packed everything up into our vehicle and were saying the last goodbyes to the family, when the Sheriff drove into the place we were staying. His siren came on and he rolled down his window. He said this dog was his wife's dog and he causes more trouble! He said his wife went out of town and left the dog with him. The dog likes to turn on the lights and siren in the sheriff truck. He said he can't leave the dog at home because he will tear things up. The sheriff said one day, he left the dog in the truck and walked across the street to get some pizza. When he came back, all the lights were on and the siren was going. The dog had turned it all on. We just laughed as the sheriff told us about his wife's dog.
So, if you happen to make your way down to Marathon, Texas, and you think the sheriff is pulling you over, it may just be his wife's dog having a little fun!

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