Friday, August 19, 2011

Mohawk Boys

Finn has had a mohawk off and on since the summer that he was 2 years old. Unfortunately, preschool came and he was very sad when we had to cut it off for school. Jeremy had one that year, too, and decided he would cut his off when we cut off Finn's. It made Finn a little happier. Then summer came and Finn got his mohawk again!

About a week and a half ago, Jeremy decided to give Seven and Rilian a mohawk, too. This was their first mohawk. We hadn't given them one before because Rilian's hair was so blonde and fine, we didn't know how it would look. Rilian's hair got a little thicker and Jeremy decided to give it a try. Same with Seven, we didn't know how he would look with a mohawk. However, his hair wasn't as light and is actually pretty thick. Turns out, they look awesome!
What's more fun than a "funny" picture? I like how Finn crossed his eyes. I guess Rilian wasn't sure what to do, so he was looking to Daddy for some ideas. 
The dreaded "cut off your mohawk because school starts the next day" day came. Seven started preschool this past Wednesday. Finn won't start school until Monday. But to make things easier, Jeremy just cut all the mohawks off at the same time. Seven and Rilian have never had shaved heads before. Good thing hair grows back. I just hope Rilian's hair grows back blonde... 
Finn's head looks like a skunk after we shaved his mohawk off. He has a tan line where his mohawk was. Pretty funny. I can only imagine what Seven and Rilian's heads would look like had they had their mohawks all summer, like Finn, because their skin tans very easily. There was a shadow from the camera, but the "skunk line" was even on his forehead a little.
Remember our trip to Marathon, TX? I'm sure you haven't forgotten the lovely picture of the traumatic rock throwing incident. Well, that rock that Rilian threw, left a nice scar on Seven's head. Hopefully when his hair grows back, you will never know it is there. Speaking of not knowing it's there, Seven has a big freckle on his head. He thought it was neat because he didn't know it was there until we gave him a mohawk.
Seven wasn't disappointed at all when we had to shave off his mohawk for school. He was just excited to go to school! We'll see what happens at the end of summer next year. Will he be just as excited to have his mohawk shaved off so he can go to school?

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