Tuesday, April 7, 2009

2 Hours to Myself

WOW! What mom wouldn't want just five minutes or even one minute to herself, especially a mother of four children under the age of four! Well, I got just that yesterday.

Jeremy told me at 10:30am that I had a special one hour getaway at 11:30am. Ok, that sounds good Jeremy, but thanks for the warning!! That meant I had exactly one hour to nurse Rilian and put on makeup and get dressed and drive somewhere that would take 10 minutes to get there! Ok. I can do this, right? Things were looking like I would be able to leave soon and not be more than 5 minutes late. I really don't like being late. Then at 11:10am Jeremy tells me that my ride will arrive at 11:20am. That made me feel a little relieved knowing that at least I would not have to drive there.

I did not know exactly where I was going and who my "ride" was but I had a pretty good idea. I am pretty good at figuring out things with just a little bit of information. I didn't want to let on to Jeremy that I had a clue, though, because he had planned a ONE HOUR SPECIAL GETAWAY FOR ME WITHOUT KIDS! The day before my friend Lauren had told me that she was getting a massage at 11:30am on Monday. This was one of the things that helped to clue me in on what my special getaway was. I thought about that. Hmm...today is Monday and Lauren is getting a massage at 11:30 today, maybe I am too. Also the night before Jeremy and Robert (Lauren's husband) were talking outside and I heard Jeremy say "does Lauren know?" That was another trigger. Jeremy and Robert were planning something for Lauren and I. The last thing that made me think I was getting a massage was Jeremy told me my portion of it would not start until 12:30pm so I should take a book or something to read. I asked if I could wear a t-shirt. He said "Yes, you need to be comfortable." So I knew it wasn't somewhere that I had to dress up.

So at 11:25am the doorbell rings. I am ready to go. I open the door expecting Lauren to be there. Well, not only is Lauren there, but so are Robert and their two girls. I was surprised to see the whole family. I was right about the massage, though. We arrived at the massage parlor and since it was Monday and most massage therapists don't work on Mondays, there was only one there. So Lauren went first. Since her massage lasted an hour, I got to sit in a nice quiet place and read a book for an hour. I have been reading a book called "Aaron's Way, the journey of a strong-willed child". I feel it is a very good book for me to read since two of my children are definately strong-willed. Who knows if Rilian will be or not. I would recommend this book to anyone who has a strong-willed child. Now that we took a little detour from the story, let's get back to the real story... Then it was my turn to get a full body massage for an hour. It was WONDERFUL! The massage therapist finished and told me there was no hurry for me to get up. I laid there and stretched and thought to myself "How long can I really stay here?" I knew I must go back to reality and my family. Plus, Rilian would be calling soon for his lunch.

You may be wondering what the two dads did with the six kids while us moms were enjoying peace, quiet, and massages. They all went to Chuck E. Cheeses. Lauren and I got texts from Jeremy saying they had to call for back up, which made us laugh. Jeremy called on one of the teen boys (he is 18) to help. He is home schooled and was allowed an hour to go to Chuck E. Cheeses for lunch. Jeremy assigned Seven to him. I thought that was funny. Seven is a handful on his own. Seven needed one person that would watch him and only him. The other five could be watched by Jeremy and Robert.

I thoroughly enjoyed my 2 hours to myself! Thank you Jeremy and Robert!


  1. Wow that is so great!! You definately deserved it! Maybe when we were are there for Easter you can have Jeremy talk to mark :)

  2. Awwww...how sweet! and what a treat!!! :) Kudos to Jeremy and Robert for watching 6 kids alone...well, mostly! I think they are QUITE brave for taking them to Chuck E.Cheese's!!! Jay gets nervous if I ask him to watch Jadyn and her buddy, Drew, who are the same age! LOL And we're getting ready to have two kids in the family! I tell him it's good practice. Although, I do have to give him creadit....my husband is getting more brave...he did keep Jadyn, and Sara's 2 kids (6 yrs and 4 yrs) for several hours alone one night. I was proud of the baby steps he's taking! LOL