Thursday, April 23, 2009

Terrific Turtles

Every third Thursday of the month the zoo has a class for pre-schoolers where they learn about an animal. This month they were learning about "Terrific Turtles". Jeremy took Finn while I stayed home with Seven and Rilian. Piper was at school. Then Finn got to go to lunch with Jeremy and our preacher, Don. Finn had quite the day! When he came home, he laid in bed for an hour before he finally fell asleep for his nap. Look at the huge turtle shell in the background! Finn got to touch the inside of a turtle shell.
Craft time...Finn was making his own turtle.
Here is the finished product!
Finn watched a turtle eat.
Listening to the teacher as the turtle eats lettuce and apples.
Finn got to touch a live turtle. Jeremy said the hand that is touching the turtle's shell was steady, but the hand that is on the turtle's foot was shaking alot.
This is one of the kittens of an ocelot family that is new to the zoo. This class was the debut of the ocelots. This was the first public viewing of the ocelots.There were two there.
The teacher walked around with the kittens so everyone could see them. When the ocelot was at Finn, it meowed. It was a very loud meow. Finn said, "I don't like when it meows at me." That's funny because it did not meow near anyone else, which made Finn think it was meowing specifically at him.
When the class was over, Jeremy still had a little bit of time before he was supposed to meet Don for lunch. They walked around the zoo and saw some of the other animals. Finn was feeding ducks here.
Next month they are going to learn about monkeys. I told Jeremy he would have to take Finn back. Piper overheard this conversation. She asked if she will be in school that day because she wants to go. I told her if she doesn't have school that day, she can go. I believe she will still be in school. That was last week. Today is Thursday and when Piper came home from school she asked if Finn had gone to see the monkeys. I told her that is was next month, in May. I was surprised that she made the connection that today is Thursday and it is a Thursday that Finn is going to go and see the monkeys.

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