Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mommy is supposed to be on top!

Jeremy and I left the three older kids with his parents last night. We went to "A Taste of Abilene". This is a dinner where any restaurant in Abilene that wants to come can. Then you get to go around to their different tables and try food from that restaurant. It was good.

When we went to pick up the kids, Jeremy's mom told us that she was in the other room and heard Piper say, "No Finn, the Mommy is supposed to be on top!" She didn't know what they were doing or what she would see when she went to check it out. Before she got to them she had wondered if Piper had seen what we do behind closed doors in our bedroom. I told his mom I was pretty sure she hasn't seen us doing anything. We would have known if she caught us in the act. Joyce (Jeremy's mom) goes on to tell us the rest of the story.

She said when she found them, Finn was laying on the floor and Piper was standing on his back. This may sound funny, but Jeremy will lay on the floor and ask me to walk on his back so I can pop it. We were all relieved when we knew exactly what they were doing.